Eating out Locally

If you are restricted with certain foods, then as you know - there are few places to eat out!  And dining at home can become a tedious adventure with the new restrictions.  But, we move forward together by sharing tips and strategies.  

For most of the restaurants in town, a strategy many of us on restricted diets have done is to eat and abundance of "Free Foods" and non-reaction foods before you go, This way you can avoid that binge when your favorite food (which you now know that you  react to) is placed in front of you.

As always, when you track where you eat and the reactions you have, it's important to take note of what works and what doesn't work. 

Fortunately, we have at least a couple of places that people don't have reactions to. The restaurants below are our favorite 'go to' places.  These are the places where the food is of higher quality, there are few additives  and the reactions of our clients are less.  Everyone is different, but these places consistently perform.

Longbranch Cafe and Bakery  - You won't get your animal proteins here (except for cheese), but the food is organic, local and good.  They have a consistent quality.  

Town Square Market - They offer something different every day.  It's the best place to get your organic and natural non-gmo foods, also.  They offer a 'fast food' lunch option that is the healthiest option in Southern Illinois.  One tip - there is paid parking in the area, but don't let that stop you!  There is a Free 15 minute button on most of the parking meters.  That will give you plenty of time to run in to get your "fast food" and get on your way.

Newell House - Higher price, but has real food with real recipes.  Most foods are made from scratch. 

Global Gourmet - Recipes from around the world, this is also a restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients.  You can also get grass fed beef here.

Fat Patties - Buffalo burgers and Grass fed burgers are available.  You can also get a gluten free bun.

Yellow Moon Café - Locally sourced food is available in this quaint, country café.

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