Living Clean

One of the biggest challenges people have in getting healthy again is figuring out which products are full of toxins and which ones are not.  We have looked extensively for the highest quality products with the purest ingredients.  One place we look for guidance is the EWG Consumer guide

Most of the products that you can purchase at your local natural store have a low toxicity level, but also low performance.  We want high performance and low toxicity.  For any product that you are using, you can check the EWG Consumer Guide to see the toxic level of your products. 


You will have to determine for yourself how many toxins you want in your environment.  It's a personal choice of how you choose to work around these recommendations below.  Most people aren't 'die hards' who get rid of everything.  The less toxins you have in your environment, the healthier you will be - however, there is also a certain level of comfort people have with what they are using.  So if you really want to use that make-up that is rated at a 6 with EWG, that make up that you've used for many years - make sure to eat only organic whenever possible.  And take the toxins out of your cleaning products.  This way you lower the toxic load on your body and open the door to greater health.

Keeping your home clean

One of the biggest challenges most people have is that they want a clean home, but the products that have low toxicity are also not very effective.  Dr. Bonnie's favorite product line for home care is PureHaven.  They are a newer company, but their products are rated at the highest level with EWG.  The dish detergent and laundry detergent are in powder form, but they get the job done - and they get the job done well. 

Keeping your body clean

PureHaven and BeautyCounter are two of the best companies for ideal products.  BeautyCounter has more make-up available, but PureHaven is coming along with some options.

Foods - Local, GMO, organic, sustainably raised or non-organic?

There is a debate with this in our area, but if you look at any food, then you want to know if what you are ingesting is using pesticides, herbicides or if they are genetically modified (GMO).  Sometimes you see pesticides or herbicides with sustainably raised.  Organic and sustainably raised tend to be tastier.  (Just try going back to regular food after enjoying the enhanced flavor of your untainted foods for a period of time- it's a surprise to many!)  GMO foods have chemicals spliced into the genetic makeup of the food, meaning that it increases your body's susceptibility to express genetic diseases that you might have found in your family or your 23andMe profile.

Best is Organic Local.  Then Sustainably Raised Local.  Then Local non-GMO.  GMO Local vs. Organic from wherever - those are about on the same caliber.  We choose Organic from wherever. Worst is the foods that you get at your regular grocery store.

A story of balance.  Dr.  Bonnie's friend Marcy has had amazing success with her experience with Rodan + Fields.   Such great success that she became a consultant.  The thing is, she knows that clean living makes her life healthier and better.  So she eats clean and keeps her environment clean - keeping her toxic load down that way - and she can still enjoy her products.  (And we've seen that cleaning up everything makes your skin better and makes you look younger - so that with R+F - you're going to be looking great!)

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