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Rehabilitation Exercises in Carbondale

Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, received a sports injury, or have struggled with a chronic physical condition for years, rehabilitation exercises can help you get back to an active lifestyle. Dr. Juul can create a personalized exercise plan that will increase your mobility and reduce or even eliminate your pain. At Natural Health & Wellness in Carbondale, we can provide you with an individualized program that includes rehabilitation exercises to help you meet your health goals.


What are Rehabilitation Exercises?

Rehabilitation exercises are exercises that can be done at home between doctor visits that will strengthen key areas and support the recovery process. Rehabilitation exercises are used alongside a variety of chiropractic treatments. A chiropractor may use gentle massage, spinal adjustments, and nutritional counseling to treat your condition. It is important to point out that an exercise program you can complete at home does not have to be lengthy or extensive to be effective.

Conditions Treated with Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehabilitative exercises can restore and strengthen muscles that have suffered damage from an injury or chronic misuse. Performing the right combination of exercises can enable your body to heal more quickly. There are several different reasons a person could need rehabilitation exercises. Some of these reasons include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Work-related Accidents
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Rehab after Surgery

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Our Chiropractor will put together a personalized treatment plan that includes "blueprint" exercises that will address your specific physical condition. The right exercise program can retrain neural pathways and patterns so that your body learns new ways of moving effectively that no longer cause pain.

Proper nutrition can also play a crucial role in maintaining your health. Sometimes, detoxification is necessary to make sure your body is working as efficiently as possible. Detoxification might involve reducing salt, sugar, or caffeine. It may also include adding the right nutrients or supplements to your diet. Dr. Juul will look at your diet and fill in the gaps as needed to ensure you have a solid foundation for recovery.

Contact Natural Health & Wellness in Carbondale, IL

If you are suffering from an illness or injury, it is important to find an effective treatment to ensure minor issues do not develop into something worse. Often, the road to recovery involves pain medication or invasive procedures like surgery. Both of these treatment options bring with them certain risks that many patients would rather avoid. At Natural Health & Wellness, we provide natural treatment to help our patients find pain relief while encouraging a faster recovery. Call us today at (618) 351-9364 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Juul.

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