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Imagine 30 to 40 years ago, if we told you that dentistry would be painless, that doctors would perform surgeries watching a television monitor, that fetuses could be operated on within the uterus, and that knife-less surgery could be performed, would you believe it? By the same token, would you believe us if we told you that mobility treatments and reorientation of the nervous system could be done comfortably while you were in a comfortable position without any sudden movements? Would you believe, that newborns as well as the elderly with osteoporosis can be treated safely and gently? 

Advances in computers and engineering technologies have now been uniquely blended in order to both analyze and treat the human body in such a way that has never been realized. 

The potential for the human being to reduce pain, restore mobility, and achieve improved nervous system function has never been greater. Humans are consistently asking their bodies to perform at higher levels. Now we have the techniques and the technology to match the demand placed on the body. We now have the capability to enhance every aspect of our lives. 

You can achieve improved health for your body now and in the future beginning with a simple anatomical concept. The nervous system (the brain and all the nerves) controls every function of your body. If this network is interfered with, pain can ensue, as does your bodily malfunction, often resulting in sickness and diminished overall health. The “something” you can do to improve performance and your health is to maximize the health of your nervous system. There are several ways to do this. The number one way is allowing your doctor to utilize the Ultralign System to analyze and treat your body. 

How can it be so gentle and comfortable? 

The Ultralign utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It is able to increase the mobility by reducing fixation or enabling motion in abnormal areas. The Ultralign uses soft tips that are comfortable to the human body and result in a positive change to the health of the joint or tissue.

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